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Smart Vision

The SMART VISION Solution is a set of IPTV software and hardware that forms a scalable IPTV solution for medium and large IPTV installations. All elements of IPTV Solution are compatible with each other that mean that no additional integration is required. That's why IPTV Solution allows setting up an IPTV service easily, fast, and without extra expenses on system integration. IPTV Solution allows a telco or an ISP to provide the following services: satellite, terrestrial and cable TV channels (DVB to IP gateway),Video on Demand (VoD server), TV on Demand & Time-Shifted TV (TVoD server), content protection and encryption (IP CAS/DRM), fast user interface for IP set-top boxes (IPTV middleware), user interface for a PC (IPTV player) & controlling user's access & rating services (billing system) By combining the components in the cluster, the SMART VISION solution is scaled to larger, and the smaller side. All software components of the IPTV solution are based on ECONSULT Business Server. EBS is a framework for developing client-server application that allows you to create systems of any complexity. The modular architecture may prompt a change of all functional without interruption in being operated software in the network IPTV.

IPTV for hotels running on Android IP STB

Our Products

Econsult provides all digital and IPTV content resources equipments including DVB to IP gateways, IRDs, encoders, transcoders and multiplexers.
An IPTV Middleware system is the most important element of an IPTV headend. It connects all IPTV services with IP set-top boxes and provides graphical user interface for the latter.
Delayed TV program viewing can be considered the most demanding among all interactive TV services. Only IPTV technology provides a user with a possibility to pause or rewind TV programs.
Video on Demand server is built on an industry-standard platform and supports over 100 concurrent streams (1000 subscribers at normal VoD peak take-up rate).
Econsult provides clients App and set top boxes including Android applications, linux applications, PC clients and smart TV clients samsung ...
Shahed is a monitoring and IPTV portal system based on PHP programming language and developed by an expert econsult team. Online Demo is available, send your request at